What The Heck Is A ‘Quasi-Local’?

The question isn’t so much ‘what’, but rather, ‘who?’

Hi, my name is Felix and I am a Quasi-Local. Yes, I came up with that dumb name, let me explain before you judge, okay?

About This Felix Guy

Me, aka Felix Wong, aka the writer of Quasi-Local
Me in all my deepfried-Oreo-eating glory

I am a product of two worlds much like Superman (yes, I’m comparing myself to Superman) – the East and the West. Born in HK, I immigrated to Canada as a child and lived happily until the ripe age of 19, when I returned to Hong Kong to drink cheap beers. But because I still look 100% Chinese and 0% Western, I am often mistakenly considered by some to be a Hong Kong local.

Sure, I have Asian parents. And I may wear glasses. But I definitely cannot speak Cantonese well enough to save my life… or a job interview (I was once booted out of a job interview after one question for failing to speak fluent Chinese).

In fact, I’ve been called a Tsing Tao (it’s local a beer) for being “Chinese on the outside, god-knows-what on the inside”*.

The point is: though I look like a local, I’ve been raised through equal amounts of Chinese and Western teachings, so I’m at best only about 50% Hong Kong-ian. Hence the name, “Quasi-Local”.

I’m also a creative writer, writing both fiction and non-fiction stories. If you’re bored enough, you can check out my stuff at koolkatfelixwong.com

There’s Also William

William Leung, aka the guy behind the guy behind the guy of Quasi-Local HK
Look for him on Tinder

Don’t let those muscles fool you, he too is a Quasi-Local… I think. Actually, little is known about William’s mysterious upbringing. But he takes care of the majority of design work on this website, and I must say – he does a darn good job.

So What?!

Now that I’ve taken you on this grand journey of personal history no one asked for, you’re probably wondering, ‘How exactly does this relate to ME?’

Simple. I’m here to make guidebooks a thing of the past and offer you a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Hong Kong. For free.

You see, my wonky knowledge of the Chinese world is going to get you places some foreigners never even hear about, figuratively and literally speaking. You’ll get the insider scoop on how to make the most of your trip and explore Hong Kong without breaking the bank. You might even learn a few things about the local culture not covered by your average guidebook.

Here are some learning outcomes:

  • get the low-down on some sweet things to do and see in Hong Kong, particularly on the Kowloon side and in New Territories
  • learn some essential Cantonese words and phrases so you can stop playing charades with the 7-Eleven cashier
  • develop a deeper understanding of Chinese customs and how the locals think, MAYBE (I’m not a darn anthropology expert, so don’t get mad if you actually learn nothingabout this)
  • tips and tricks on how to live like a cheapskate like me; cheap date ideas, cheapest happy hours, you name it
  • read my life anecdotes and laugh at my misfortune

To those who want to see a different side of the fragrant harbour and live kind of like a local, Quasi-Local is your site. If you like what you read, be sure to spread the word because I crave attention. If you don’t like what you read, contact me here or leave a comment on any of my articles and tell me how I could do better!

Okay, I’m done my word vomit. Without further ado, please grab a drink, kick back, relax, and enjoy Quasi-Local: Your Secret Guide To Exploring Hong Kong.

*No offense to Tsing Tao. I love Tsing Tao.

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flickr/micuradu, edited with text

Felix W

I run a cool little website about Hong Kong called The Quasi-Local. I only have, like, two readers, but you know, I'll get there one day! Believe it.

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