Pokemon Go: Top 5 Places To Catch ‘Em All In Hong Kong

Surprise surprise, it’s another obligatory Pokemon Go article! Don’t roll your eyes, you might actually want to read this one.

Aug 2017 Update: STOP RIGHT THERE! Because I’m not a used car salesman, I’m gonna be honest: as PoGo is a vastly different game now than it was at release, all the tips below are severely outdated (I’m too damn lazy to do a revision, sorry). Feel free to still take a gander, but don’t yell at me for the useless info, okay? On a self-promotional note, if you’re looking to explore Hong Kong, check out our online guides!

All your friends have been raving nonstop about it. Everyone and their grandmas are addicted to it. Heck, you might’ve even raised a middle finger or two at the people who stop in the middle of the sidewalk to play it. Since it’s release, Pokemon Go has taken Hong Kong by storm.

But if you’ve been up to date with the game, you’ll know PokeVision – an invaluable tool used for finding Pokemon in real-time – has been shut down as of Saturday. Then, rather than fixing the broken in-game tracking system, Niantic (the developer behind Pokemon Go, which is not Nintendo) has instead removed it altogether, leaving players completely in the dark. As if to add salt to the wound, nests (nests are guaranteed spawns for a specific monster) were patched on July 29 so they now spawn different Pokemon. This means the park you found last week for Dratinis now has Eevees. A full list of the new nest changes can be seen here on Reddit.

With all these changes in place, how on earth will you find any Pokemon?!

Lucky for you, you’ve stumbled onto this page! Capitalizing on Pokemon Go to gain traffic for Quasi-Local – a new website dedicated to helping you explore Hong Kong – I’ve graciously compiled the top 5 places to help you catch them all. You’ll find a map of all these locations at the bottom of this page.

Before you go be the best like no one ever was, remember to dress for the weather and keep plenty of liquids at hand – and don’t waste that precious star dust!

5. Morse Park, Wong Tai Sin – Eevee

Morse Park is where to find eevee in Hong Kong | Quasi-Local HK

Unfortunately, if you want to evolve a team of Dragonites, Morse Park is no longer the place to be (as of writing, dratini nests are extinct). Good news is that you’ll find oodles of Eevees here instead.

Eevees are great because for only 25 candies, you’ll be able to turn them into one of three evolutions:

1) Flareon – arguably useless aside from the Pokedex entry, it’ll get destroyed by any water Pokemon, which Hong Kong is full of

2) Jolteon – not particularly strong, but hits fast and has type advantage against water

3) Vaporeon – though it’s attack has since been nerfed, Vaporeons are still very much worth getting for their massive health pool and decent DPS (damage per second), which is especially useful if you plan on battling gyms.

You won’t have to worry about running out of pokeballs as there are tons of PokeStops littered throughout Morse Park. There’s even a triple lure spot right by the Morse Park Sports Centre.

I know, I know. Wong Tai Sin may be a bit out of the way, but I’ve conveniently paired it up #4 of this list, which is just a short walk away.

Pro Tip: To get the evolution of your choice, simply name your Eevee ‘Pyro’ for Flareon, ‘Sparky’ for Jolteon, and ‘Rainer’ for Vaporeon. Use with caution though – each name only works once.

4. Kowloon Tsai Park, Lok Fu – Electabuzz

Kowloon Park is where to find electabuzz in Hong Kong | Quasi-Local HK

You’ll no doubt see tons of Vaporeons, Golducks, and Starmies defending your neighborhood gyms. To counter all those pesky water types, you’ll need electric Pokemons. But Voltorbs and Magnemites are both kind of crappy even after evolution, there’s only a 33% chance of getting a Jolteon, and none of us will ever find enough Pikachus for a Raichu…

Fortunately, there’s a very powerful electric Pokemon that – if you know where to look – can be very easily obtained. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Electabuzz!

Electabuzzes spawn reliably inside Kowloon Tsai Park (especially around the community garden and the swimming pool) – if you’re lucky, up to 4 or 5 at the same time. Depending on your trainer level, they may even have a base Combat Power of 1000+. Since Electabuzzes cannot be evolved, feel free to upgrade them right away. Having two or three of these guys will make short work of even the strongest water types, like Blastoises or Gyarados.

Also found in the area are Pinsirs and Growlithes, both of which you’ll probably want to fill your Pokedex.

3. Central Ferry Piers, Central – Magikarp

Central Harbour is where to find magikarp in Hong Kong | Quasi-Local HK

Who doesn’t want a good ol’ Gyarados? It’s blue and just plain cool. Problem is, in order to get enough candies for one (good luck finding one in the wild), you’ll need to catch 101 Magikarps.


On the bright side, because Hong Kong is surrounded by water, there are more than enough Magikarp spawns – provided you’re willing to spend some time farming.

One of the best places for Magikarps is the Central Pier. They appear anywhere between pier no.2 to no.10, often in groups of two or three. To make your hunt a bit easier, there’s even a quad-lure in front of pier no.7, with a total of 19 PokeStops spread across the entire pier. Did I mention there’s a lengthy shaded walkway? Hint hint, this is a great place to hatch those eggs.

You’ll also come across tons of Psyducks and Tentacools, but honestly – who gives a carp? (Get it, ‘carp’, like ‘crap’? Cause we were talking about Magikar – nevermind!)

2. Victoria Park, Causeway Bay – Atmosphere

Playing Pokemon Go in Victoria Park in Hong Kong | Quasi-Local HK

Er, no – ‘atmosphere’ isn’t a Pokemon, but in terms of energy and vibe, Victoria Park is to Pokemon Go what LKF is to drinking. It’s been all over the local news. If you don’t know by now, this is the spot where thousands of trainers congregate almost on a daily basis.

Previously a Scyther nest, I’m sorry to say Victoria Park is now a Staryu nest, though that doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing the likes of Snorlaxes and Lapras. As for PokeStops, I tallied at least 25 before I lost count – most of which will no doubt be lured throughout the day.

For maximum amusement, go on the weekend and experience the real insanity for yourself.

1. Malls – Lures & Air Con

A row of air conditioners above some shops | Quasi-Local HK
Get some. | flickr/niallkennedy

I can already hear you yelling at me. ‘After all this, you’re going to tell me to go a darn mall?!’

Yes, because we’re smart trainers.

I’m sure I don’t have to convince you, but the weather in Hong Kong has been hotter than Margot Robbie in Wolf of Wall Street. So why melt your butt off outside and when you could play Pokemon Go inside, under the sweet comfort of air con? Malls across Hong Kong, such as APM and Taikoo, are setting up lures as promotion. Even at malls that aren’t participating, you’ll likely come across other players dropping lures.

Right now on my live map, I see 2 lures at Times Square, 3 at IFC, and a whopping 6 at Harbour City. So yeah, this is a perfectly viable strategy!

Sure, you may not find any ultra rare Pokemon, but you’ll get to level up without breaking a literal sweat – which, in my opinion, is worth far more than any Electabuzzes or Gyarados.


That’s it! Until Niantic swaps out the nests again, these are the best places that I’ve found for Pokemon Go. But don’t just take my word for it! If you know of any great nests, or if you just wanna show off your amazing new catch, share it with us in the comments below.

Until next time, may the RNGesus forever be in your favor.

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